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February 20, 2006 Minutes

Members Present:

  • Cynthia Shumpert, M.D.

  • Willie Ree Howell, M.D.

  • David Kearnes, M.D.

  • August Lovegren, M.D.

  • R. Lee Jennings, C.P.A

  • Laurie B. Douglas


The meeting was called to order by the Vice President. The minutes for the last meeting were corrected and approved.


Mrs. Elisabeth Faile was diagnosed with breast cancer on 12/20/05. A lumpectomy was performed and she is currently having chemo and radiation therapy in the Atlanta area.


Dr. Cindy Shumpert went to work at the BMC from 12/05-1/06 and Dr. Paul Shumpert then went to work at the BMC 1/06-2/06. They were both very busy and felt that they had very successful trips. John Wikman has been at the BMC, January-February 2006.


A successful fundraiser was held on January 27, 2006 at the Harvest Moon Cafe in Rome, Ga. The fundraiser was well attended. Bob Claytor and Cindy Shumpert spoke to the attendees about needs at the BMC. Over $16,000.00 has been raised since for the Carpenter’s for Christ Remodeling Project at the BMC.


Bob Claytor will be going to the BMC in March to prepare for workers to begin about 5 weeks later.


Paul and Joan Brock, Meesha Mathis, and Louis Teems will be going to the BMC along with Dr. Paul Shumpert , March 10th.

Wesley Turner and Andy Csordas went to the BMC in February. Wesley Turner reported on their inspections of the BMC at our board meeting. They reviewed the electrical situation and found 3 main areas of concern:

  1. Main switch gear

  2. Hospital - electrical points of connection

  3. Skilled US workers to do this work


The hospital needs to be completely rewired. Mr. Turner is putting plans together in a plan to transfer power to a new system.

Starting March 1, 2006, Elisabeth and George Faile will be on furlough to the United States at the Sandy Springs Baptist Church Mission House.


Medical volunteers are scheduled to go to the BMC through summer 2006. It is suggested that a 24 month calendar of volunteers be developed.


Laurie Douglas will submit the Georgia Healthcare Grant Application Form and she will also submit the information. Laurie will also pursue a Furman Alumni magazine article about the Brock’s trip to BMC- interest being: parents of Furman student work with Furman alumni’s mission.


After scheduling the next meeting for Monday, May 1, 2006 at the offices of Lee Jennings, the meeting was adjourned.

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