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September 18, 2006 Minutes

Members Present:

  • Paul Shumpert, M.D.

  • Willie Ree Howell, M.D.

  • David Kearnes, M.D.

  • August Lovegren, M.D.

  • Laurie B. Douglas

  • Vicki Barnes

  • R. Lee Jennings, C.P.A


The meeting was called to order by the president. The minutes for the last meeting were approved.


Wes Turner reported that he went to the Baptist Medical Centre in August with a team of eight electricians from Rome, Ga. and the Church at Northside.


The team rewired the entire hospital.


Treasurer’s Report: 
Checking: $22,064.55
Money Market Account: $25,230.10
Investments: $221,893.65


So far the renovation project has cost: $40,908.43. To completely rewire, repaint, and install new flooring and a new ceiling is estimated to cost: $90,000.00.


Vicki Barnes and Laurie Douglas will work together on a fund raiser for the Cartersville Area.


Paul Shumpert, Cindy Shumpert, George and Elisabeth Faile attended the Executive Board Meeting for the Baptist Medical and Dental Fellowship in Atlanta, Ga. in June 2006. The Faile Foundation is in the process of forming a partnership with INMED for volunteers, scholarships, and donations.


Vicki Barnes continues to work with bandage ministry in Cartersville and she is also working on filling a crate for shipment in late Dec. or early Jan.


The Baptist Medical Centre is in need of a surgeon as Dr. Danny Crawley will be leaving in December.


Laurie Douglas gave a report on her family’s trip to the BMC and presentation to First Baptist Church of Rome.


Martha Cates will meet with Laurie Douglas about Foundation Business.


Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 20, 2006 6:30 PM at the offices of Lee Jennings.

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