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November 20, 2006 Minutes

Members Present:

  • Cindy Shumpert, M.D.

  • Willie Ree Howell, M.D.

  • David Kearnes, M.D.

  • August Lovegren, M.D.

  • Laurie B. Douglas

  • Vicki Barnes

  • Lee Jennings, C.P.A

  • Martha Cates


The meeting was called to order by the president. The minutes for the last meeting were corrected and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: 
Checking: $ 5,626.10
Money Market Account: $26,364.39
Investments: $231,233.64


So far the renovation project has cost: $47,620.43. $8,849.22 has been spent on student travel. $20,000.oo has been spent on purchasing a wash extractor, autoclave, and surgical tables.


Vicki Barnes is busy preparing the container for shipment. She has access to storage facilities in Cartersville. Diesel Generator parts are being prepared for shipment.


The Baptist Medical Dental Fellowship is meeting January 18-21, 2007 in Jackson, Mississippi. Disaster training for CME credit will be held on Friday.


A partnership has been formed between INMED and the Faile Foundation in order to help better meet the needs of the BMC.

Cindy Shumpert will contact George about clothing needs for the crates. Cindy will also contact Bob Claytor about the flooring.


New Business:


The BMC is in desperate need of an audit. An auditor is currently there from Israel.


Laurie Douglas needs to get David Roland’s anticipated dates of travel to Ghana in Summer 2007.


Laurie Douglas will send copy of Faile Foundation letterhead to Vicki Barnes and Martha Cates.


The Faile Foundation needs to seek out someone to organize further newsletters as a donation to the Foundation.


A surgeon is desperately needed for the months of May and July 2007 at the BMC.


Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 29, 2007 6:30 PM at the offices of Lee Jennings.

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