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December 1, 2008 Minutes

  • Meeting opened with prayer.

  • Minutes from May 19 & September 22 approved.

  • Treasurer's report given by Willie Ree Howell:  Balance of $257,744.52--$82,585.11 in checking; $51,615.64 in money market; and $123,543.77 in Merrill Lynch account.  $17,473.06 in donations received and expenses included $2800 for William Haun's trip to cover the 50th anniversary and $1000 in student trip expense.

  • Dr. Kearns and Dr. Howell met with Citizen's First Bank and we received a $40 refund on a Citizen's First to BMC wire transfer that did not go through.

  • Cindy & Paul Shumpert joined the CMDA.

  • The board heard a report form Dr. George Faile about discussions between the IMB and Ghana Baptist Convention about transferring management of the hospital to the Ghana Baptist Convention.

  • We are currently communicating with World Medical Missions about help with long term volunteers at BMC. 

  • Next meeting 2/2/09 @ 6:30 PM

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