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February 2, 2009 Minutes

  • Meeting opened with prayer.

  • Minute approval for December 1, 2008 meeting deferred.

  • Treasurer's report given by Willie Ree Howell:  Balance of $300,463.61--$129,854.42 in checking; $51,644.93 in money market; and $118,964.26 in Merrill Lynch account.  $52919.31 in donations received since 12/1/08.  Expenses of $3000 for student trips and $2650 for a new autoclave for BMC.

  • Board approved transfer of $50,000 into a CD account

  • Next newsletter was discussed

  • Cindy & Paul Shumpert reported on their recent trip to BMC

  • Vicki Barnes & family and a Pediatrician and his wife are planning a June 09 visit to BMC.

  • The upcoming BMDF meeting is in early May and INMED meeting is in late May of this year.  We are planning to have an informational booth at both of these meetings.

  • Next meeting 4/13/09 at 6:30 PM

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