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November 30, 2009 Minutes

The Faile Foundation Board met at 6:45 p.m. at the office of Lee Jennings. Present were board members Dr. Dewey Dunn, Vickie Barnes, Laurie Douglas. Dr. Cindy Shumpert, Dr. Willie Ree Howell, Lee Jennings, Dr. Paul Shumpert, and Martha Cates; also attending were Bobbie Dunn, Dr. George Faile, and Elizabeth Faile.

Willie Ree gave the treasurer’s reports for May and November. The total assets on May 6 were $281,136.42 and on November 30 were $347,511.53.


Lee Jennings reported on regulations that need to be adopted.. The board needs a Conflict of Interest Policy, a Whistle-Blower Policy, and a 990 Review Policy. He explained each to us. The 990 is a form that all non-profit organizations have to file with the IRS. At the present we only need the short form. Lee moved that we adopt all 3 policies, Dewey seconded the motion, and it was carried. Lee will have the documents prepared, and all board members will sign them.


Dr. Gus Lovegren resigned from the Board since he has moved to near Nashville, TN. The board requested that Dr. George Faile serve on the board, and he agreed to do so.


The website was discussed. It was decided that we need to be more specific on the website about items needed for donations. Also, a copy of the original letter about receiving 501C status should be available for viewing on the website. The Shumperts requested that we all look at the website and send any suggestions for it to them.


The donation letter for 2009 was discussed. The letter needs to have the Foundation address and tax ID number on it, as well as the phrase, "No goods or services were provided."


Report on Baptist Hospital:


Amy Elrod, a nurse practitioner, reported that in October 16,000 patients were seen. The previous high was 9,000. (She has a very interesting blog:


There are more residents interested in volunteering, especially since the ones who go to Ghana return home and tell others about the experience. However, anyone interested must contact the hospital to make sure there is a need. They should stay for at least a month and should be at least a 4th year medical student. A resident may need more that the $1,000 stipend that we provide. Since they are more helpful, we may provide more. At the present, we provide up to 10 a year, with the maximum amount of $20,000.


To encourage surgeons to take time from their practice, we may pay some of the in-country expenses for them.


After next summer there are no more scheduled volunteers until there can be a permanent person who is in charge. Earl leaves in June or July for a furlough, and the Dickens’ commitment will be up shortly after that. The IMB has been requested for a full time missionary doctor, but there is not one available at this time. Meeting are on-going between the IMB representatives and the Ghana Baptist Association.


George reported that the IMB has cut benefits to missionaries. The whole Sub-Saharan region was cut 40%, which means the Baptist Hospital in Ghana will be about $50,000 short of expected needs. The board approved $25,000 to help with support for the first half of 2010. We will decide on more funds depending on how the hospital can remain functioning. George will stay in touch with the IMB and will keep us informed.


Vickie reported that the warehouse that has been so kind to us is in financial trouble due to the economy. They have been providing the space to us rent free. We decided to offer to pay rent on the space that we use.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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