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January 6, 2011 Minutes

The Board of the Faile Foundation met on January 6, 2011, at 6:30 p.m. Present were George and Peter Faile, Cindy and Paul Shumpert, Lee Jennings, and Martha Cates.

Under old business, Cindy and Paul gave updates after their visits to the BMC in December. Greg Nyhus and Mr. Addai are doing a good job. Rich Ambler and Dr. Etuh are also there and doing well. Dr. Bruce Steffus from PAACH said he will try to get us another surgeon in 2012. The 2 Cuban doctors discussed at the last meeting left after about a week there. We did purchase the 2 vehicles discussed at the last meeting. And we received donations for the nutrition centre to keep it functioning for now. We have about $375,000 in funds.


New business:


Monies were wired on January 5th to BMC totaling $13,165.00. This included $4000 for salary for Dr. Etuh for January and February, $2115 for salary for Dr. Foli (Ghanaian doctor) for 6 weeks, and $7050 to refurbish House #12 including 2 air conditioners. Dr. Etuh will move into House 12; he has a wife and small child.

A total of $9500.00 was mailed in January. Melinda Chen (4th year med student) and Myrill Solaski (3rd year med student) each are going for 1 month -- $1000 each. $4500 for salary for Dr. Rich Ambler for 12/15/10 to 3/15/11 is included. And the salary for Greg Nyhus (volunteer coordinator) for Jan/Feb/Mar totaled $3000.


Glenn Kling, maintenance engineer, will be going from January 25 to February 23. We will pay airfare, accommodations, and parts to be carried in, total amount not determined yet. He will also take in with him the new ultrasound machine. We purchased it from SonoSite; it is a $38,095 machine that we are getting for $15,250. That money will be wired this week.


The prospect of a new Toyota vehicle for Public Health was discussed. Toyota-Gibraltar will sell a new vehicle with 10 seats, a roof rack, and the snorkel exhaust to non-profits in Africa for $41,341.83 plus customs and insurance. It was decided that we could not commit this much at the time. Cindy will try to determine how much customs will be, and Peter Faile will look at grants for this.


Requests that have been made by BMC were discussed.

  1. Money for special needs: $700/month. This is for completely destitute people who need to be served. Suggestions included asking volunteers to leave any extra money they have left over and asking for donations specifically for this.
  2. Fuel for public health vehicles I about $608/month. This may be something we need to do.

  3. Edward wants to build housing for about 20 nursing students. The hospital sponsors nursing students, who then return to work there to work off the debt. Also, nurses need a year of clinical experience; BMC can provide this while having extra help from the nurses.

  4. The pharmacy wants a laptop computer to maintain inventory/ordering. They have had a computer before. Cindy will talk to Julie Myren, who is a pharmacist and has been to BMC.

  5. Floor plan of the hospital: $700. There has been a plan available in the past; George will try to check on this while he is over there this month.

  6. Flat screen TV and DVD player for OPD to run educational and spiritual videos.

  7. Fuel for generator: $1760/month. The power is off one-half to one-third of the time, so running the generator is expensive.

  8. Tower for wireless internet in hospital: $1430. It was decided that we needed more information about this. Vodaphone was removing a tower and would sell it to BMC instead, but there was too little information to promise the funds at this time.

  9. Curtains for Peds ward and OPD. Cindy will ask Vickie Barnes if her volunteers are interested in this project.


IMEC proposal for items for the hospital. Faile Foundation sends them a donation, they send a container with the items. Peter will work on a grant for this.

Ongoing needs are Cytotec 200mcg and Albuterol for nebulizers. If anyone is interested in donating these items, they are always needed.


IMB has paid $90,000.00; past bills have been paid, and there is about $40,000 left. The IMB and the hospital board are working to insure that BMC is a separate entity.


Mensa Abaka is a Ghanaian who has been in medical school in the Ukraine. He is out of funds, and still has 2 more years to go. He is a member of the BMDF in the Ukraine, found out about us, and contacted us for help. He worked with Cindy in December and was very enthusiastic. He needs about $10,500. Edward will have him sign a contract to work for BMC 2 years for every year we pay for. It was decided that this was a proposal that needed to be voted on by the entire board, perhaps by e-mail.


Paul will post the needs on the web-site and in the newsletter. Sometimes gifts will be given for a specific need.

The meeting was adjourned.

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