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February 20, 2012 Minutes

The Board of the George Faile Foundation met on February 20, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. at the office of Lee Jennings. Present were Drs. Paul and Cindy Shumpert, Dr. George Faile, Dr. Willie Ree Howell, Vicki Barnes, and Martha Cates.


The Guest House in Accra has new Logistic Coordinators, Zach and Hannah Welch, from the IMB. Jimmy Huey is retiring in April. The Welch's should be there for the next 2 years.

Paul reported on the financial picture. Expenses exceeded donations last year especially due to the purchase of the public health vehicle and associated import fees. Since we have a CD that is maturing, the motion was made by Martha to take that money and move it to the checking account. The motion was seconded by Cindy and was passed.


The GFF is now a member of TECH, a Christian organization that helps with technical needs. It costs $250 a year. Through that organization we have already received a donated tabletop autoclave and a box of surgical instruments and sterilization pouches costing only $41 in shipping. The container was shipped for $4600, which was a 10% discount through TECH.


We have agreed to 10 scholarships already in 2012 and have 2 planned for 2013. The suggestion was made to match a donor with a specific student for a $1000 donation. Cindy asked that we up the number of scholarships to 15 per year, and it was agreed. We are still supporting the Dickens ($1500 per month) the Nutrition Center ($700 per month) and students (about $1300/month.)


Edward Addai, BMC administrator, has requested about $250/month for fuel for the public health vehicle and $1500/month for generator fuel. It was decided to ask Edward for receipts for the last quarter so we can decide exactly how much to send each month for these requests. We have also had requests for 3 new laptops. George suggested that we get an inventory of the computers already there. It will probably cost about $500 -700 for each laptop. We’ll try to get those and send them in with people going over.


There are still many maintenance issues. Glenn King is willing to go again if needed. He can go around the end of March, which would be good since the container is expected about March 24th.


Personnel updates include Isabelle Baba, the student we have been supporting, who is in Tamale. We will be sending $250/month for her expenses. The new volunteer coordinators, replacing the Nyhus family who returned last October, are the Coram family. Their church in Missouri is paying their expenses. A fifth year surgery resident plans to go in September 2012 for a fellowship year. We can support her for about $1500/month. An OB-GYN plans to go May 2013 for 2 – 5 years. Her husband is finishing seminary in 2013, Dr's Dickens and Hewitt know them and recommend them.


GFF bought the existing van from the IMB for $6500. It should stay with the Coram's. We also have a Honda CRV and an old truck for use at the hospital.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

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