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January 24, 2014 Minutes

Meeting convened at 6:00 PM; members present: Paul Shumpert, Cindy Shumpert, Laurie Douglas, George Faile, Willie Ree Howell, Martha Cates, and David Kearns.

Most important item on agenda: housing at BMC; IMB is turning over all assets to Ghana Baptist Convention in February 2014; GFF is requesting management of several of the houses; this will include maintenance, refurbishing, scheduling volunteers, managing food and supplies for houses, collecting payment for housing, paying cooks, cleaners and drivers, transporting volunteers to and from airport. If GBC is not agreeable to GFF managing some of the houses, there will likely be a pullback by GFF from BMC.


Other items:


Transfer of Toyota Land Cruiser to GFF from BMC; transfer of Toyota van from GFF to BMC; this to be done immediately.

Sale of truck and Honda CRV currently owned by GFF; proceeds to be used to maintain the Land Cruiser.

Purchase of large expense items will be held on hold until after the February meeting in Ghana.


Finances were discussed and it was noted that although about $100,000 was spent on equipment/volunteers/nutrition center/fuel for generator and public health vehicles/Ghanaian medical student, which only about $75,000 was donated in 2013. However, an upsurge in the stock market helped the GFF fund, so the account is about even with 2012. Copy of financial record is available on request.


Peter and Erin Faile will be in residence in Nalerigu until October, 2014, where they function as volunteer coordinators. If the GBC/IMB/BMC meeting in February 2014 is positive regarding managing housing at BMC, the GFF will partner with INMED to recruit for another volunteer coordinator(s).


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.

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