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November 2, 2014 Minutes

The GFF Board met on Sunday, November 2, 2014, at 6:00 p.m. at the office of Lee Jennings. Present were Paul and Cindy Shumpert, George Faile, Lee Jennings, Dewey and Bobbie Dunn, Laurie Douglas, Willie Ree Howell, David Kearns, and Martha Cates. Paul opened the meeting with prayer.

Cindy reported on her recent trip, which included the ceremony to turn over Baptist Medical Center (BMC) from the IMB to the Ghana Baptist Convention (GBC.) She had a meeting with several representatives from the organizations, including Nayiri who is the Paramount Chief of the area. Bart Gibbs was the representative from the IMB. While there was much discussion, there were no real decisions made about the role of the GFF. Later, in a meeting with Edward (Hospital Administrator) Edward said emphatically that he wanted the GFF to remain involved with the hospital. According to him, we are to manage Houses 2,3,5,6, 7, 8, and 13. Houses 7 and 8 need much work.

Cindy and Paul have been in contact with Cindy Wilkes, who is with Global Health Administration Partners. This is an organization that sends 2 CPAs to a non-profit to help set up administration, finances, records, etc. They do audits, but the service is much more than just that. The Board feels that we need a better handle on finances, especially the money that we send. Edward said that he liked this idea. GFF would pay for the expenses of travel and room and board of the persons sent. GHAP requires an invitation from all involved parties in order to send someone. We will write our invitation, and Cindy will email Edward, asking for his from BMC and for him to request one from GBC.

There was talk of extra money for Dr. Victoria, who is at BMC now. She is a Christian, and her husband is a pastor. We decided to wait on a decision about this. Isabella Baba is graduating from medical school and is to have her housemanship is Tamale. She still says that she is planning to return to BMC after her 2 years are finished.

Cindy mentioned the need for more beds for children during the malaria season. It was decided to order 5 more beds, which are made in Tamale, for about $200 apiece.

We continue to send money each month for the Nutrition Center and for fuel for generators. We will continue to have a Housing Coordinator there. Currently, Francis Ackom is the coordinator; he is living in House 1A. He has provided a report of all expenditures and income for the past month.

Volunteers continue to cancel trips because of the Ebola situation. There are no cases in Ghana, but the reaction at home in the U.S. is creating a problem. The 2 young doctors from Rome who went with Cindy have been suspended from their practice, with pay, for 21 days.

The lease for the guest house in Accra, which has been supplied by the IMB, is up next year. There is a probability that it will not be renewed. Cindy heard of some other guest houses available, such as one provided by Independent Baptists.

While Heidi Hahn is in language school, her husband William is updating the BMC website. There is a link on it to our website.


There being no further business, we were adjourned with prayer by Bobbie Dunn.

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