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January 22, 2018 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM

Members present: Paul Shumpert, Cindy Shumpert, Lee Jennings, George Faile, Sylvia Washington, David Kearns,
Laurie Douglas, and Dr. Dewey Dunn by speaker phone


Meeting was opened with prayer by Cindy Shumpert.


Announcement was made about severe illness of Dr. Willie Ree Howell; Cindy and Paul will visit her, take a card
and prayers from the Board.


Financial report for 2017 given:


  • $85,000 received in donations and other income

  • $40,000 spent from ongoing Charity fund, transporting and caring for patients at Kumasi hospital

  • $134,378.16 in other ongoing expenses including:

    • Medical resident/student scholarships

    • Support of Dr. Tim Cahill and family at BMC

    • Salary and expenses for volunteer coordinator Francis Ackom

    • Guest house expenses

    • Quarterly donation to BMC for nutrition center food & fuel for public health vehicles & hospital generator

State of the hospital: Dr. Paul and Dr. Cindy just returned from volunteering at BMC. Morale low among staff, key
medical equipment not available -- no x ray for many months, few blood pressure cuffs on the wards, no rolled
bandages, etc. Discussions with key staff including Edward Addai, administrator, about the above. Permission was
requested and given (from Administrator) to purchase a Phillips portable digital x ray unit for BMC-$93,000,
pending Board approval. Other requests from Edward and staff included: industrial washing machine-$18,900,
baby incubator-$7800, oxygen concentrator-$1120, nebulizer-$120, weighing scales-$150; ( blood pressure cuffs,
skin graft blades, suture, rolled bandages-these can best be purchased/made in US)


Renovation of House 8 to use for overflow volunteers-$5,000- 10,000, including new windows, wall repair, and new
bathroom showers/sinks


Reimbursement needed to Francis Ackom for laptop, medical expenses: $725


Edward Addai also requested repair of old generator (new administration/OPD building-not open yet-has 23 air
conditioners on it, will likely overload current generator)-$5000, wall construction around BMC-$1,000,000


GFF Board voted to purchase x-ray machine, as well as other urgently needed equipment, except:
will discuss generator repair with Tommy Harrison vs purchase of new second generator.
Will purchase industrial washing machine later this year.
We will not fund a wall due to expense and not directly related to patient care.


There are reported problems with volunteers paying fully for their stay. A letter will be sent to each volunteer
prayerfully requesting that they pay in full.


Letter is to be sent to BMC staff, encouraging them to be glorifying God in all they do.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Cindy Shumpert MD

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