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October 28, 2019 Minutes

Meeting minutes from Oct. 28, 2019 6:30 PM

Board members present:  Cindy Shumpert, Paul Shumpert, Lee Jennings, George Faile, David Kearns, Martha Cates, Jarrett Bryan, and Laurie Douglas


Visitor: Tim Wood, 24-year career missionary to Mozambique.

The board voted to add Peter Faile to the GFF Board and per her request, to release Vicki Barnes from the GFF Board.


House #7 is currently being occupied after its recent renovation. We still need to purchase kitchen appliances.


Discussed needing to emphasize to X-ray techs that images can be taken and viewed digitally without having to print a film.


Recent repairs on 2 anesthesia machines and an industrial washer were successful and these units are working well.


For several reasons, Dr. Tim Cahill and family have returned to the U.S. with no definite plans to return to BMC.  Currently our financial support to him has ended.  We appreciate his dedication and hard work over the last 5 years and wish the Cahill family well as they move forward.


Dr. Burton Adrian is completing a 2-month volunteer stay at BMC and has expressed an interest in a longer volunteer opportunity in the future.  We will discuss this further with him and explore how we may be of assistance.


Isabella Babba is now the only full time Ghanaian doctor at BMC and is serving as the medical superintendent.  We will explore assisting her in attending an upcoming medical conference.  Two post residency Ghanaian doctors are briefly serving at BMC until they receive new assignments.


We continue to support Dr. Anastasia Furtak as the current primary surgeon at BMC.  She has expressed some interest in staying beyond her July 2020 commitment and we will discuss this with her in the near future.


Several churches and people are assisting the Bandage Project for BMC.  Some bandages are still sent in with volunteers and we are seeking other shipment options.


George Faile will review the generator situation at BMC when he is there for 2 weeks later this year. 


We reviewed Francis Ackom’s pay for the past 5 years and voted to award him a raise of 8%.


Board members were reminded that some Amazon purchases may qualify for .05% contribution to the GFF though the  Jarrett will provide information regarding this on the website.


Visitor Tim Wood relayed many stories and struggles experienced in Mozambique.


Meeting was adjourned at 8 PM.


Paul Shumpert

President George Faile Foundation

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