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Spring 2020

The link below is a testimonial from a medical student who served at BMC in February this year.  This is an example of the impact that our student scholarships have.  The Foundation normally gives out 10 to 15 scholarships of $500 to $1000 each year.

International Rotation- Ghana 2020

The following items were donated and/or purchased by the Foundation for BMC: 2 motorbikes with helmets, a refrigerator for the nutrition center, and a copier for the nursing director’s office.

These personal protective supplies were donated by the Foundation and purchased in Accra (the capitol of Ghana) and sent up before the lockdown.

Spring 2019

We are sad to report that long time guesthouse cook, Mr. Bawa Ziblim (left in picture), passed away on Monday April 15.  He served hundreds of volunteers with great meals and a warm heart and will be sorely missed.  Please pray for his family and specifically his wife Comfort who served as a nurse at BMC’s theatre for over 25 years.

Mr. Bawa Ziblim (left), passed away on Monday April 15, 2019.

Spring 2018

  • We are currently the main source of financial support for Dr. Timothy Cahill who has been full time at BMC since 2014.  Dr. Cahill and his family have been key to the ongoing success and operation at BMC.  Please visit their blog at:   The Cahills in Ghana.  If you want to hear about God in action read the posts from January & February 2018!

  • Since the opening of a new medical school in Tamale (2 hours from BMC) BMC has had much better success in recruiting and retaining Ghanaian doctors.  This has been a blessing for BMC!  One such doctor is Isabella Baba MD.   The George Faile Foundation assisted her financially in obtaining her medical training and she is now serving at BMC.  We also thank Dr. David and Dr. Yakubu!

  • Our one employee, Mr. Francis Ackom, continues to do excellent work in several areas:

    • He manages the volunteer guest house and assists volunteers in travel, licensing, and other areas

    • He manages the Charity Fund.    Through a past generous donation, this money provides for patients that need specialized medical care not available at BMC.  Francis arranges referrals, transportation and payments for medical care for these patients, most of whom are treated at a teaching hospital in Kumasi (12 hours travel from BMC).

    • He distributes a quarterly donation to BMC of $6000 used for food for the nutrition center, and fuel for public health vehicles and hospital generator.

  • We purchased over $150,000 worth of equipment for BMC including:

    • A new digital x-ray unit

    • A new portable ultrasound unit

    • Neonatal incubator

    • Oxygen concentrator

    • Industrial washing machine for hospital laundry

    • Other miscellaneous supplies & other items

  • Scholarships for 10 volunteer medical students and residents

  • We have restarted the process of producing bandages thanks to the efforts of several churches throughout the southeastern US.  A shipment of about 600 pounds is planned for later this year.

  • BMC received a visit from the US ambassador to Ghana in January.

Isabella Baba MD
Dr. David
New x-ray unit

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