The Ghana Bandage Project

The purpose of the Ghana Bandage Project is to send sheets torn into bandages to the Baptist Medical Centre in Ghana, West Africa. Bandages are used as dressings in surgery and on the wards.

The bandages must be rolled!


Instructions for rolling bandages:

  1. Items needed: soft COTTON sheets, freshly laundered; masking tape (NOT scotch tape), ruler, scissors.

  2. Make cuts along top of one of the shorter ends every 3 to 3 ½ inches and tear the length of the sheet (so strips will be longer).

  3. Fold sheet in half lengthwise (so you have the longest strips); snip the folded sheet every 3 inches; tear the sheet into strips.

  4. Remove any loose threads.

  5. Roll bandage by first rolling around a pencil or dowel. Do not tape end of bandage to the pencil. Roll the strips as tightly as possible. At the end of the strip, add another strip—do not tape together—continue rolling. Pencil/dowel may be removed at this time.

  6. Each roll can contain 4-6 strips, and will measure 2-3 inches in diameter.

  7. Place a 3 inch piece of masking tape at the end of the roll. Do not use pins, strings or rubber bands to hold rolls.

  8. Package by layering in a box. Label the box GHANA BANDAGE PROJECT.

  9. Mail or take to The Church at Northside (open Monday-Thursday 9-5) 706-233-9896
    75 North Floyd Park Road
    Rome GA 30165


If you live in the Rome or Cartersville area contact us to arrange pick up:


Please feel free to print and share this flyer with family, friends, neighbors, and church members!


We thank you in advance for bestowing blessings on BMC!!